Welcome to Elofstomta Bed & Breakfast!

If you are looking for a comfortable bed and breakfast in Värmland close to Åmotfors Vittensten we are here for you.

We also have a fantastic hot tub to enjoy in the late evening.

We are located 120 km from Oslo, for more information on how to find us you can visit Find us

Address: Vittensten Elofstomta, 670 40 Åmotfors, Sweden

Very cozy and beautiful view of the water, very calm and imaginative nature.

Quiet and relaxing environment for the best possible vacation.

A great choice for those who want to get away from the city environment this summer.

We serve both late and early breakfast depending on what you prefer.

If you want to sleep in or make exciting Activities early in the morning.

More pictures can be found here